Incorporate Scent Marketing to Elevate Your Branding & Sales

At, we create scent marketing strategies designed to uniquely strengthen all aspects of your business with a signature scent. We heighten the customer experience by turning your signature scent into the perfect brand extension through candles, room sprays or reed diffusers. Additional product options provide more layers to further build and extend an emotional brand connection.
Scent marketing expands your branding opportunities, and we offer several ways to achieve this. A dedicated scent consultant will help choose your signature scent by identifying the personality and emotions you want associated with your brand. Using this signature scent, we produce candles, room sprays and reed diffusers with your brand’s logo, colors design elements.
We base our strategies on aromachology, the study of how scent can impact us on an emotional level. Since experiences are scientifically linked to scent, smell can trigger emotions and memories faster than sight and hearing. Utilizing scent is a powerful tool to expand branding and brand loyalty, stimulate sales, put customers at ease, ensure client retention and clear through the clutter of social media/online fatigue.

How Brands Succeed with the Help of Scent Marketing

It’s a new era of marketing and branding, one that demands innovative and creative marketing strategies. Brands must now create personal experiences, across a comprehensive range of touch points. This innovative type of marketing seeks to touch the consumer need, striving to create sensory, subconscious and emotional connection with their customers.

What is Scent Marketing?

For several years, various industries have been utilizing the science of smell and Scent Marketing to their advantage, allowing them to dictate brand loyalty and higher profits. Companies like Nike, Westin, Apple and Starbucks benefit from this by dispersing specific, strategically formulated scents throughout their establishments. These scents are used to trigger a certain emotion in potential customers, subtly encouraging them to not only attach a scent to their brand (brand image), but also to spend more time in their stores or places of business (higher profits), all the while creating positive memories with those scents that will keep them going back to the product or service (brand loyalty).

The Science Behind the Scent

As one of the five basic senses we use to perceive the world, our sense of smell isn’t as simple as a quick sniff. Between millions of sensory neurons and hundreds of receptors all found in the nose, any given scent travels far and long before it is actually identified in the brain. Once scent makes its way to the brain, it then begins to interact with the hippocampus and the amygdala. Here, powerful memories are triggered and mood, emotions, and behavior are influenced. Whether incorporating scent to stimulate sales, enhance perceived value, or to increase pleasant feelings, scent is a powerful tool backed by much physiological fortitude.